Traditional Burial

A Permanent Resting Place for Your Loved One

Burials are a traditional memorial choice that gives families a meaningful physical symbol to mark a loved one’s resting place. At Green Hills Memorial Park, we offer a broad range of burial options, including the following:

Private Gardens and Family Estates

These exclusive areas are the finest tributes Green Hills can offer your family. They provide scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, San Gabriel Mountains, and the Palos Verdes hills. 

Designed for individuals who want to keep their loved ones together in one spectacular setting, these unique plots allow you to customize a private cemetery within our memorial park. You can do so by incorporating beautiful stone walls, lush landscaping, personalized memorials, benches, and more.


One of the oldest and most dignified burial methods, mausoleum entombment remains an incredibly popular choice. Pristine, above-ground, dry, and private, a mausoleum is a dignified burial method. These distinguished areas are easy to find and offer handicapped accessibility, restrooms, and protection from extreme weather. We recently received a worldwide award of excellence on its newly constructed project, Inspiration Slope Mausoleum, now known as The Jewel of the Park.

Lawn Burial

The most common burial method, lawn burial, allows families to bury one or two people in diverse areas throughout our park. Our beautiful ponds, waterfalls, rolling hills, and scenic vistas create a peaceful sanctuary for our guests while providing them with a safe environment to visit their loved ones. For your peace of mind, our $40 million endowment care fund ensures our park will have the operating capital to maintain pristinely manicured grounds in perpetuity.

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