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Celebrate and Honor Your Loved One — We’ll Do Everything Else

Losing a loved one is difficult, and without pre-planning, it’s even more challenging to navigate.

Green Hills makes it possible to design a healing experience for your loved ones and create a serene space where you can gather, remember, and rejoice.

While most mortuaries focus almost exclusively on the task of handling remains, we believe our duty is two-fold: physical and emotional. We care for people physically by honoring their remains and treating them with the utmost respect. We honor families emotionally by working with them to design healing experiences that last a lifetime.

Our peaceful, intimate setting is a place for you to find closure, healing, and renewal, wrapped in the strength of family members and loved ones.

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Don’t grieve alone. Let our team of caring, compassionate staff help you create the service your loved one deserves, or pre-plan a service that will allow your loved ones to gather in celebration, rather than desperation.

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